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Sweat Miracle™ - Banners

Banner ads can generate quite a few click-thrus and sales but only if combined with other preselling tools. Using banner ads as the sole means of promoting this program will in most cases lead to poor results. As mentioned in the preselling section of this page, good quality and high value content should be your first priority.

Banner ads can be great as supplemental tool for articles, reviews, testimonials and endorsements.

There are quite a few ways to maximize banner ad click-thrus. One of the most important click-thru factors in regard to banners is the location of the banner ad. Make sure that banner is clearly visible to your visitors and stand out.

To use the banners do the following:

1) Right click the image and save it to your computer.

2) Upload the image to your web server.

3) Place the image on your website.

4) Create an HTML affiliate hoplink on the banner.

Make sure that you do not link directly to these banners! You must upload the banners to your own web server for use on your site.


Here is the general HTML code:


This is the link that contains your clickbank id that directs visitors to our website. For example: --where CAROLINE is your clickbank id.


Your website url link. For example:


This is the name of the image downloaded from our website. For Example: image1.gif

Now, lets say for example that:

1.Your affiliate link is :

2.Your website is:

3.The banner image you selected was: image1.gif
(and you uploaded it to your root folder)

Here's the final HTML code you should place on your page:

Note: we have several other banners in stock in different shapes and sizes, in addition to the ones below. If you have any special requests for images please don't hesitate to contact me personally.

Miles Dawson,
Author and affiliate manager
Sweat Miracle