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Sweat Miracle™ - Book Covers

Ebook cover images have been tested to dramatically improve click thru rates as they add perceived value to the program. However, images such as book covers and banners will work much better if used as a supplemental tool with your reviews, testimonials or articles.

To use the following book covers, simply right click the images and save them to your hard drive for use on your site. Make sure that you upload the images directly to your web server rather than linking directly to them. Be sure to include your affiliate hoplink in your HTML code.


Here is the general HTML code:


This is the link that contains your clickbank id that directs visitors to our website. For example: --where CAROLINE is your clickbank id.


Your website url link. For example:


This is the name of the image downloaded from our website. For Example: image1.gif

Now, lets say for example that:

1.Your affiliate link is :

2.Your website is:

3.The banner image you selected was: image1.gif
(and you uploaded it to your root folder)

Here's the final HTML code you should place on your page:

If you have any questions or concerns or if you need special images to fit your website, pls don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Miles Dawson,
Author and affiliate manager
Sweat Miracle